Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 8- Christmas dinner left over sandwich

After stuffing myself with food, egg nog, mulled wine and cognac all day I, at 11.59 on Christmas day, sat down and had a Christmas dinner leftover sandwich. Despite my initial thoughts of vomiting or killing myself, I managed to squeeze the sandwich inside of me. I did this for you blog readers (edit: reader). Now that's commitment. Saying that, it tasted great. Succulent turkey breast, stuffing, sausages, bacon, roast carrots and parsnips, bacon, sprouts, more bacon and some cranberry sauce all combined into a pleasurable mouthful. The only downside is that I'd had almost exactly all of the ingredients 6 hours previously which detracted slightly from the enjoyment. Also no one saved any gravy from the Christmas dinner. If they has, it would have notched the score up another mark. (Warning: picture below makes it look super gross - rest assured it was not super gross).

Description: Homemade Christmas dinner leftover sandwich
Location: Home, Northampton
Accompaniments: Nine
Companion: Family
Rating: 8/10

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