Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 38 - Friend's Homemade Brie Sandwich with Chorizo and Pesto

The advantage of this blog is that people want to make me sandwiches. And I, for one, am not going to stop them. So, on day 38, another friend made me a sandwich. She forgot to name it so I have called it, rather imaginatively, by the name of its primary ingredients. I have mentioned proportions on this blog before, namely how important it is to appreciate the quantity of each ingredient in proportion to the others, and the amount of those ingredients as a whole to the bread. This sandwich is one of the best examples yet of good proportioning. The star of the show was the brie, therefore, logically, there was more of it than the other ingredients. It's flavour was mild but intensely creamy. This meant that other, stronger, flavours could be used to enhance the sandwich (not overpower it), and that's exactly what was done. The chorizo provided a spicy and salty element, the pesto added garlic and basil undertones, all of which combined with the cheese to give the sandwich a pleasant Mediterranean feel. The bread was deliciously thick cut tiger bread which was soft, but not in a way in which it absorbed the filling's flavour. My criticisms are minor: the rocket added to the aesthetics but was somewhat overpowered and lost underneath the pesto, and, as a whole, I think the whole sandwich could have been lifted with a dash of balsamic vinegar or a few capers. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed eating this sandwich.

Description: Brie Sandwich with choizo, pesto and rocket
Location: Home, Northampton
Accompaniments: Pretzels, 7up
Companion: None
Rating: 8/10

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