Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 16 - California Dream

This sandwich is the best I have had so far. I purchased it on recommendation of my fiancé who herself had been recommended it by someone else. The sandwich consisted of grilled chicken breast, avocado, provolone cheese, sprouts, tomato, an amazing sauce and pretzel bread. I have never had bread like that in England, it's so flavoursome (sweet, salty, crispy, soft) that I'd be content just eating that on its own. The chicken was cooked perfectly, still running with juices and still hot from the grill. The other ingredients just danced around the chicken, complimenting it with every mouthful. To top it off, the sauce, which I am assuming was homemade, was spicy, creamy, acidic and fruity and married everything together perfectly. My only (minor) criticism is that I would have preferred iceberg lettuce instead of the sprouts, which I feel added nothing. Lettuce would have added a further texture to the sandwich and propelled it to a 10. Admittedly that is a minor point, and this is still a fabulous sandwich.

Description: Grilled chicken breast, avocado, provolone cheese, sprouts, tomato on pretzel bread
Location: Morgan Street Cafe, Chicago
Accompaniments: Water
Companion: Fiancée
Rating: 9/10

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