Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 18 - Al's Beef Legendary Italian Beef

Al's Beef is a place I saw on Man versus Food. It's famous for it's 6 inch subs which are made with slow roasted italian seasoned beef, which is then left to stew in a spicy gravy. The beef is then placed in italian bread, garnished with sweet peppers and giardiniera peppers and then dunked in spicy gravy. And that's exactly what I had. Truth be told this was actually the second time I've been to Al's Beef and it was as good this time as the first time. Spicy succulent beef oozing with gravy, sweet and spicy peppers, what's not to like?

Description: Italian Beef 6'' sub
Location: Al's Beef, Chicago
Accompaniments: Diet Pepsi
Companion: None
Rating: 9/10

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