Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 14 - Buffet sandwiches

Day 14's sandwiches were a selection from the American Airlines Lounge food buffet area. I only had two, but both were your typical buffet sandwiches; white bread, lots of tasteless vegetable spread/margarine and fairly cheap fillings. The first filling was cheese. It was medium cheddar at best because it packed so little punch. The second was ham and tomato, which was more enjoyable, so I had another. The ham was tasty, but you could tell it is the sort of ham you buy in packs of 1000 and has so much water in it that you would fill a bath with it if you wrang it out. Still, there is something about these tasteless triangles that reminds me of my childhood; they were the sort of sandwiches you had a birthday parties. Therefore the nostalgic element probably has skewed the marking in this case.

Description: Cheese sandwich and Ham and Tomato sandwich
Location: American Airlines lounge, terminal 3, Heathrow
Accompaniments: Cognac and pretzels
Companion: Girlfriend
Rating: 6/10

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