Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 25 - Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I purchased this sandwich whilst I was visiting The University of Chicago. It was bought from the cafe in the main book store on campus. After I handed the sandwich to the cafe staff to heat up, it was given back to me in a plastic box, which had dislodged the top of the sandwich thus spilling all of the cheese into the box. Not a good start. I tried my best to return it into some kind of sandwich shape and bit into it. The result was not pleasant. The bread was tasteless and stale, the cheese was too salty and its texture was very odd. The bacon added nothing except the fact you had to chew for an extra 20 seconds because it so poorly cooked. There was a little chutney in there somewhere, which was the only good thing about this sandwich. In summation, pretty gross.

Description: Grilled cheese sandwich with chutney and bacon bits
Location: University of Chicago
Accompaniments: Diet coke, crisps
Companion: None
Rating: 3/10

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