Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 36 - Tesco Finest Prawn and Poached Salmon

The problem with most pre-packed sandwiches is the level of freshness. Most pre-packed sandwiches I eat, usually taste like they have been pre-packed. By this, I mean that each ingredient tastes slightly more processed than its otherwise fresher alternative would. The bread regularly takes on a tasteless quality, often acting as a mere receptacle in which to transport the filling, not as an additional important ingredient itself. Ham is overly salty, cheese is hard and plastic, lettuce is white and flavourless. Saying that, I decided to purchase a pre-packed sandwich on day 36 of my sandwich journey, opting in this instance for a "higher end" version from the Tesco Finest range. The result was surprisingly good. The salmon was well cooked (albeit under seasoned), the prawns were succulent and sweet, the spinach added some bite and the chive mayonnaise melded the flavours well, although it could have done with some more lemon juice. The bread, however (and as alluded to earlier), was disappointingly flavourless pish.

Description: Prawn and poached salmon with chive mayonnaise and spinnach
Location: Home, Northampton
Accompaniments: Pretzels
Companion: None
Rating: 6/10

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