Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 6 - Part 1 - Sister's breakfast sandwich

As I was staying with my sister, she offered to make me a sandwich for breakfast. Which was nice of her. I said I would review it honestly and not pull any punches, which is nice of me. So, if I'm beng honest, on a whole, I did not like this sandwich. First of all, most fried egg sandwiches I've ever had or seen have just one egg in them. This one had two. In addition, it had lots of cheese and a couple of slices of chorizo. The sheer quantity of food meant that the flavours got lost in each other. The idea was good but there were too many faults, the most critical one being that the eggs was overlooked and under seasoned. One less egg, one slice of cheese and chorizo, some hot sauce and black pepper would have propelled this sandwich to a good standing, instead it fell short of average. Sorry sis.

Description: Homemade fried egg, cheese and chorizo breakfast sandwich
Location: Bow, London
Accompaniments: None
Companion: Miscelleneous family members
Rating: 5/10

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