Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 35 - Homemade Pizza Sandwich with Beelzeblood Sauce

Two of my friends, after reading this blog, proposed to make me a sandwich. I obviously said yes, as long as I could, anticipating disaster, ruthlessly rate their offering. So they made me what they called a "Pizza Sandwich with Beelzeblood Sauce". This comprised of spicy tomato sauce (the Beelzeblood Sauce), steak, mozzarella, smoked cheese and cajun chicken in between thick white toasted bread. The result was very impressive. The ingredients were distributed liberally, but not excessively, allowing for each mouthful to sample the individual components of the sandwich. The downside of the sandwich was that the steak was a little tough and the bread was sliced unevenly, meaning that the sandwich imploded halfway through eating. The best thing about the sandwich was the sauce, which is by far the best home made tomato sauce I've ever had. It married the flavours, without overpowering them, and added a nice amount of heat and zest to the sandwich. Overall, slightly flawed, but very enjoyable.

Description: Steak, chicken, mozzarella, smoked cheese, tomato sauce on white bread
Location: Friend's house, Northampton
Accompaniments: Nachos
Companion: Friends
Rating: 8/10

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