Friday, 5 December 2014

6 days of Christmas (Sandwiches) - day 2

M&S again - but this time the healthier option. To be honest, they needn't have bothered. No one wants a healthy Christmas sandwich - Christmas food is pretty much the antithesis of healthy cuisine, with it's over-the-top portions and waistline destroying calories. And it showed through in this lacklustre sandwich. First of all, when unpackaged, it felt limp. It was the type of sandwich which flops around in your hand whilst the filling depressingly dribbles out. Flavour wise, if wasn't much better: The butternut squash was the texture of baby-food and the taste was off-putting. The turkey in this one, compared to day 1, was bone-dry. I can't remember much more about it. Disappointing.

Description: Turkey & roast butternut squash stuffing, lettuce, wholemeal bread
Location: M&S
Accompaniments: Water
Companion: None
Rating: 3/10

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