Friday, 5 December 2014

6 days of Christmas (Sandwiches) - day 6

Pret A Manger has nailed it. This beauty was near perfection. The turkey was so deliciously moist it took me by surprise, especially after days 1-5 I had began to think all turkey should be dry and (largely) flavourless. The cranberry sauce was great and on par with Tesco's, the stuffing was like the stuffing mum makes (that isn't a your mum joke) and the real kicker were the crispy fried onions which added, wait for it, texture! Wonderful stuff.

Description: Turkey, pork stuffing, onions, wholemeal bread, cranberry, spinach
Location: Pret A Manger
Accompaniments: Some overpriced juice
Companion: None
Rating: 9/10

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