Friday, 5 December 2014

6 days of Christmas (Sandwiches) - day 5

Ah Waitrose, trust you to have such a middle-class offering this Christmas: the Three Bird Roast Wrap. I had high hopes for this, expecting a Heston Blumenthal surprise in the middle (liquid nitrogen balls or a duck basting itself in its own juices). But alas, it was merely a souped-up chicken mayonnaise wrap. Three birds? There was some darker meat in there which I think was duck but, to be honest, the mayonnaise drowned out most of the meaty flavours. The meat was on a whole succulent but I could not taste the cranberry at all. Average.

Description: Turkey, chicken, duck, cranberry, mayonnaise
Location: Waitrose
Accompaniments: Coke Zero
Companion: None
Rating: 6/10

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