Tuesday, 18 November 2014

6 Days of Christmas (Sandwiches)

Because my mailbox is swelling from adoring fans of my blog, I have decided to do a Christmas special edition. This will involve me doing the same thing (eating and rating sandwiches) but in the lead-up to Christmas. All the sandwiches will be Christmas sandwiches so inevitably that will mean a lot of turkey. Unfortunately my metabolism is not what it once was therefore I have to spread the consumption over a few weeks rather than 6 consecutive days, hence why I'm starting in November.

So, here is the first; the Marks & Spencer Turkey Feast. And, for my first one, it was a very good sandwich - I expect nothing less from M&S. The bread had flavour (something which is lacking in many shop-bought processed sandwiches) and a soft springiness which felt oddly comforting. The turkey, although substantial and surprisingly flavoursome, was not as moist as it could have been. Regardless of this the mayonnaise and cranberry prevented it being too dry. A few rashers of bacon added smokiness and the pork and chestnut stuffing added depth. The whole thing worked well together and reminded me of leftover Christmas dinner sandwiches - which I guess is the point.

Description: Turkey, pork and chestnut stuffing, bacon, cranberry, wholemeal bread
Location: M&S Fulham
Accompaniments: Salted crisps, Coke Zero
Companion: None
Rating: 8/10

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