Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 48 - Steak Burrito

Okay, it's not a sandwich, but it's not as if I'm sticking to the rules any more. Also, I love burritos, I did not, however, love this burrito. It's ingredients were pleasant, and it tasted okay, but it did not have the punch that most of the best burrito's pack. There were no citrus, spicy undertones from coriander, lime and chili. There was no earthy creaminess from refried beans. It just tasted like steak and rice in a tortilla. And the steak, although it was cooked well, was terribly under-seasoned. The worst thing was that the thing was covered in a (very mild!) sauce and cheese, like a giant enchilada, which meant I couldn't pick it up. Poor show.

Description: Steak, rice, beans, cheese and burrito
Location: El Paso, Shoreditch
Accompaniments: Modelo especial, nachos (?)
Companion: Many
Rating: 5/10

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