Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 45 - Salt Beef Sandwich

Salt beef sandwiches are usually a speciality in Jewish neighbourhoods. I had one in a local Finchley restaurant called Chix Chox. The sandwich was huge. There was twice the amount of beef for the bread that was provided, not to mention the chips, gherkins and salad. I removed some of the beef and then assembled the rest of the sandwich myself, adding layers of beef, mustard and gherkins to the white bread. The beef was wonderfully tender and (surprisingly!) salty, the gherkins added a nice acidity and sweetness, as well as a good crunch, and the mustard lit the whole thing up with a bit of heat. All in all it was a great sandwich ... that is until I hit the salt wall. A smaller portion would have been better, and would have earned a better mark.

Description: Salt beef, gherkin and mustard sandwich
Location: Chix Chox, Finchley
Accompaniments: Chips, salad, lots of water
Companion: None
Rating: 7/10

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