Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 2 - Chicken foot-long from Subway

I used to love Subway. Walking in, I used to feel like a spoilt kid in an Apple store. "A whole foot?" and "I can have all of that salad?" I used to scream to the confused server. Alas, those magical days are gone. Now, every time I go back to Subway I feel like I've somehow been cheated. It's just not how I remember it.

This time around I decided to have a foot long chicken special (or something along those lines). Basically, it is breaded chicken. It was supposed to be crispy, but after the salad was put on it, the layers and layers of flavourless salad, it became a hopeless soggy mess. That is was spite of the fact that it was "toasted". Subway must have the only toaster that makes things wetter.

Long story short, the sandwich was disappointingly below average.

Description: Chicken something something from Subway
Location: Subway, Northampton
Accompaniments: None
Companion: None
Rating: 4/10

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